Unlimited business training for entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur,

Welcome! Like me, you are an entrepreneur and you had the guts to go into business. This requires a lot of courage, I congratulate you.

At the same time, you probably realized that business requires many, many skills. Not only do you have to perform like any normal employee (to add value), but you also have to manage, market and sell your products or services.

Fortunately, with Entrepreneur Academy, you will have UNLIMITED business training, consulting and coaching (in that correct order) to maximize your chances of success in business.

I invite you to view the Youtube videos HERE and HERE (where I explain why most entrepreneurs fail), and to join Entrepreneur Academy as a member by paying the yearly membership fee HERE. Please note that we do not accept more than 30 members, so hurry!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get unlimited business tranining, consulting and coaching, online (by email) and offline (every Thursday). Value: $5,000.

Members of the Entrepreneur Academy will meet every Thursday in downtown Montreal 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM, for live group training, coaching and consulting. Other times and places can be arranged for groups.

All instructions will be sent to you upon receiving your membership payment.

Okay, to your success and talk to you soon!

Peter Nguyen
Entrepreneur & business trainer/coach/consultant


About Peter Nguyen

Cool dude.
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