Unlimited business training for entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur,

Welcome! Like me, you are an entrepreneur and you had the guts to go into business. This requires a lot of courage, I congratulate you.

At the same time, you probably realized that business requires many, many skills. Not only do you have to perform like any normal employee (to add value), but you also have to manage, market and sell your products or services.

Fortunately, with Entrepreneur Academy, you will have UNLIMITED business training, consulting and coaching (in that correct order) to maximize your chances of success in business.

I invite you to view the Youtube videos HERE and HERE (where I explain why most entrepreneurs fail), and to join Entrepreneur Academy as a member by paying the yearly membership fee HERE. Please note that we do not accept more than 30 members, so hurry!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get unlimited business tranining, consulting and coaching, online (by email) and offline (every Thursday). Value: $5,000.

Members of the Entrepreneur Academy will meet every Thursday in downtown Montreal 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM, for live group training, coaching and consulting. Other times and places can be arranged for groups.

All instructions will be sent to you upon receiving your membership payment.

Okay, to your success and talk to you soon!

Peter Nguyen
Entrepreneur & business trainer/coach/consultant

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Make money from a free business ebook


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He made a fortune via Resale Rights!

I read in Joe Vitale’s book The E-Code about Yanik Silver, a multimillionaire who made his fortune by selling an ebook with Resale Rights (RR). I thought this was quite a revolutionary concept since authors usually do not share royalties or profits with readers.

Basically, Yanik sold an ebook on Internet Marketing, and inserted affiliate links IN the ebook. Buyers of this ebook are then allowed to RESELL, as is, the ebook to people and pocket 100% of the profits. Yanik is losing money on ebook sales, yet he is making money from the traffic to his websites since as more people buy the ebook, they click on his affiliate links in the ebook.

What are your thoughts on this Resale Rights pubiishing model? Write your comments below!


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Business System Design course (slides)


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Spiral of Wealth ebook

spiral of wealth conversation

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eTalentelle Wealth Blueprint!


In the above blueprint, I explain how eTalentelle, a nonprofit venture, will leverage Internet, Youtube, Camtasia, etc. to create value which women can then share with ALL the women they know, and receive financial compensation!

These are exciting times for women!

There are no more limits to how much they can earn. The only “catch” is, women must share with other women.

The best, easiest and funnest way for women to empower themselves is to empower other women.

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Information Product Creation (IPC) workshop

One very expensive workshop we teach at EA, is the Information Product Creation workshop, where participants learn how to create knowledge products which they can sell on the Internet and generate passive income.

This workshop combines research done over the last 5 years, and covers powerful tools like Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, Freemind, and many more apps.

But most importantly, it teaches about knowledge management, knowledge marketing, and the true nature of organically evolving intellectual capital.

99% of the population doesn’t know how to create knowledge products, and as a result, cannot achieve financial freedom by leveraging the power of the Internet (which benefits only those who have a product to sell online).

Become an EA member and attend this workshop for free! (Price for non-members: $497).

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EA members can teach and make money

Great news! The 30 members will be given a free license to teach any of the 100 workshops, and make money from it.

Actually, the money is not as important as the opportunity to PRACTICE what you know and have learned.

EA will turn you into a real business master and wealth creation artist! Join today, this is your BEST CHANCE of guaranteeing your business success!

You have atracted this opportunity into your life for a reason. Allow yourself to receive a wealth of knowledge and skills and techniques to turbocharge your business. You deserve to become wealthy doing what you love.

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